'Books of purely sentimental value will benefit from
a simple, sympathetic repair.'


Our policy when restoring damaged books follows the archival principle of strengthening the construction of the piece, while retaining as much of the original material as possible. Volumes may only require re-backing and the remounting of the original spine. If the original spine is missing or damaged we can letter and tool the new spine to match, and retain the period look. If this is not possible, rebinding in quarter, half or full bound in leather, in materials similar to the original, can replicate the original binding in a sympathetic manner. We can reproduce lettering and tooling styles for each period in binding history from our extensive collection of period tools and typefaces. We have an extensive reference library, and can advise on the correct procedure to faithfully reproduce volumes left with us.

Books of purely sentimental value will benefit from a simple, sympathetic repair. This will ensure that a broken or damaged volume remains intact while continuing to be serviceable.

The finest materials available are used to ensure that clients' collections will provide years of pleasure for generations to come. We hold a good collection of 'old style cloths' that help us match colour and grain, allowing correct repairs to your treasures. Our leather staining experience also allows for close colour matching in rebacking and repairs. Stain colours, when applied correctly, can also give a new binding that look of the original. Our never-ending search for the finest materials has given us a most comprehensive network of suppliers worldwide who cater to our exacting needs.

Our interest and expertise in the traditional techniques of bookbinding, along with our knowledge and recognition of archival principles, has earned us a reputation as leaders in the field of book repair and restoration.

Clients include:

  • private collectors
  • libraries
  • museums
  • universities
  • business corporations
  • public institutions and the majority of antiquarian bookdealers in Australia.